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Dear Club Elite Travel member, On behalf of club management, we would like to welcome you to a world of endless holidays at exclusive discounted rates. Our simple to use online platform makes it easy to search, book and go, with low cost accommodation available at premium hotels and resorts, as well as a wide range of travel activities and magnificent cruises. There’s no limit to how many holidays you can take, so you can get away as often as you like and make the most of our exclusive club rates. We promise to keep our focus on negotiating with our global travel partners so our club members benefit from the best travel experiences at the best prices.

In the following pages you will find your Club Elite Travel membership guide. We will try to answer whatever questions frequently asked questions our members may have while using the club platform.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please Contact Our members support team


About Club Elite Travel

What is Club Elite Travel membership?

Club Elite is a members’ only travel club allowing club members to get exclusive discounts for all their travel needs to save on their future holidays.

How it works

Club management sources the best wholesale prices through a worldwide network of travel wholesalers and tour operators and passes the savings directly on to club members without adding a profit margin in return for an annual club membership fee.


What are discount points? And how can I use them?

Club members receive 5,000 Club Elite preloaded points every year to use to discount their travel bookings  below the retail price available to the general public through online travel agents. Every time members search for a booking, the slider will show how many points you can use to discount the price.


Am I going to get the discount points every year?

Yes you will get 5000 points every year to use to discount your travel bookings. 


What will happen if I finish my points before the end of the year? 

In this case you can contact the club management to buy more points or to renew your membership.


What exactly is the amount of discount percentage I will get for my bookings?

There is no fixed percentage. Search results will show the difference between the retail price and the exclusive member price.


Can I use discount points to pay for the whole booking?

No, discount points can only be used to reduce the booking prices up to the limit shown in every search result.


Booking Questions

Why does it take a relatively long time to get to the search results?

There are many processes happening during the background search. Normally it takes 40 to 60 seconds to get our club members the best deals through searching and comparing deals with all our suppliers and multiple wholesalers. 


How can I get the maximum discount in every booking I make?

The system is designed to show the “maximum saving” first, so always look at the first search results in order to get the best deals.


How can I know the difference between the club price and the prices offered in the different travel websites?

In every search result you will find on the left side the suggested retail prices offered in the public online booking engines and you can compare it with the discounted members’ price in the right side.


Where do the club discounts come from?

The discounts come from the difference between the retail prices offered in the public online search engines and the wholesale prices offered by the club suppliers. 


Who can benefit from my membership?

Club Elite Travel is an exclusive club so only club members can benefit from the membership to book for themselves.


Can I benefit from my membership by booking for other people rather than my family?

No, you can’t use your membership to book for others apart from your family members mentioned in your membership enrolment application.


How can I pay for my bookings?

Club Elite Travel members can complete the whole booking process online from doing a search to finalising a booking and getting their voucher. All payments must be done through the website’s payment gateway and members must pay by credit card.


While booking, I received a message that the room was no longer available – what does it mean?

It means that we were unable to confirm the inventory with the supplier, usually because the inventory you chose is no longer available.


Login and Club usage questions

When I can start using my membership?

You can start using your membership and book as soon as you receive the club welcome email with your login details and instructions. 


How I will receive my login details?

The login details and instructions will be sent to your email as soon as your membership is activated.


How can I login to my account for the first time?

In the welcome email you will find a link to follow in order to set your password.


What will happen if I forget my user name or password and how can I retrieve it?

Please follow the instructions on the login page or contact for assistance.


What is the member ID, and do I use it to login to the club website?

The member ID is used to identify you to the members support team in order to help us serve you in a faster way and in case if you forget your username.


Sales, cancellation, liability questions

How can I buy Club Elite travel membership?

Club Elite Travel memberships are sold through a network of authorized sales agents and affiliates worldwide so please contact to guide you to your local sales agent.


I have been offered the membership together with other services and products by the club sales agent – is that possible?

Yes, Club Elite Travel membership is sold as a standalone membership or as an “Add-on” to other products and services.


What is the membership cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership according to the terms contained in the sales agent contract.


Can the sales agent do the bookings on my behalf?

No, sales agents are not authorised to do bookings on behalf of members. However, they may guide members to do bookings and members can always contact the club members’ support team to help them out with any inquiries they may have.


Booking nightly stays

How do I calculate the cost of my booking?

Search results will show the booking prices excluding tax. The tax amount will be shown under the prices, however the tax will be added automatically and the total amount will appear before paying for the booking.


Where can I find the cancellation policy for my booking?

It is written below each search result. Please click on “important info” to see the cancellation policy before you book.


How can I book more than one room at the same time?

After choosing your room, click ‘Book Now’ –  a message will appear with your chosen booking. Then you can choose ‘Continue Shopping’ to add another room or other travel products. Then you can click on “View Cart” to see all your bookings in the shopping cart and pay for your booking.


How can I cancel or amend my booking?

When making a booking, check whether it is ‘non-refundable’ or ‘refundable’. If your booking is able to be cancelled and is refundable, you may click the “Request Cancellation” link contained within your E-mail confirmation. This will take you to a page where you must enter the Confirmation Number and the E-mail Address associated with the booking before making your cancellation request.

Cancellation Requests will be answered within 24 hours, and you will receive an email notification once the cancellation has been completed. Depending on the Cancellation Policy of your booking, a cancel penalty may apply. Any refunds due normally take 7-10 business days to clear, depending on your bank.

Bookings are unable to be amended or modified once they are confirmed. If travel date changes are required, a new booking must be made with the correct dates, and the old booking must be cancelled. Cancellation Penalties may apply to the original booking, depending on the original booking’s Cancellation Policy.


How I will receive my confirmation voucher?

A confirmation letter will be sent to your email as soon as you finish your booking process.


What is a ‘weekly stay’?

Weekly stays are heavily discounted accommodation in a self-catering apartment in assorted resorts worldwide. The accommodation is based on weeks and usually it is located in a resort area and not in capital or major cities. If you need assistance locating the available destinations and weeks, please contact members’ support team and they will be able to help.


Can I book only few nights from the weekly offers?

Weekly stays are based on 7 nights’ accommodation, normally starting Saturday to Saturday and they can’t be booked as individual nights.


 Are the weekly stay bookings refundable?  Are there any other fees that I have to pay apart from the booking fee and Tax?

 All weekly stays are “NON REFUNDABLE”. Some of the resorts may charge for utilities or ask for a security deposit upon check in. Please click on “important Info” to see the details before booking.


Credit Card security questions: 

Who is authorised to get my credit card details in order to do my bookings?

No one is authorised to ask for your credit card details at all, so please don’t share your credit card details with anyone.


Who will charge my credit card when booking is made?

You will see “LEISURE LOYALTY” as the company name listed on your credit card statement for any Club Elite bookings.


Can I get an Invoice for my bookings?

All booking payments will be included in the booking confirmation letter.


What credit card authorisation process is the club using while processing my booking?

When you complete Booking Step 3, we first make an authorization request to your bank to ensure that your credit card is valid, and that you have enough funds to cover the total cost of the reservation. Once this has been approved, we confirm the booking with our supplier, and then settle the original authorization made to charge your card.

If we are unable to confirm the booking with our supplier (due to the inventory no longer being available, or other similar reason), we will void the original authorization that was made to release the held funds on your card. It can take 1-3 business days for your bank to clear the original authorization on your account, depending on your bank’s policies.


While booking I received a message that my credit card was declined because the transaction been flagged as possible fraud – why is that?

For your security, Club Elite has implemented a complex system that takes into account hundreds of variables to determine if a transaction may be fraudulent. Sometimes, a legitimate transaction may be flagged fraudulent if it meets criteria that would normally identify payment fraud. When attempting to book, if you repeatedly receive an error that your transaction was declined due to possible fraud, please contact us immediately to resolve the situation.